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Does Ranjit really always swim by himself? Isn't that dangerous?

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His unhappiness when he heard her voice changed into happiness.

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Saul closed the door quietly behind him.

You cannot forget that he is as young as you.

When I was badly off, I fell back on him.


Would you like me to turn the TV off?

That was the last time any of us ever saw Terri.

The man blew out his own brains.


Ji pushed the door shut.


Sergiu was a doctor in Australia.

Kristi was the one who taught me French.

This will do for now.

Like is treated by like.

He laughed heartily.

He made a bargain with them about the furniture.

He is as great a scientist as ever lived.

We don't have long to wait.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

Jordan said Boston is a nice place to visit.

That's a nice T-shirt.

He is not available.

The meeting was put off until next week.

You can swim much better than he can.

Jianyun undid her hair and opened one of the buttons of her blouse.

I'm not good at dancing.

Sorry, I can't stay long.


Not always, but more and more frequently.

He is as wise as any.

Can you stay with him?

Antony successfully carried the state with nearly sixty percent of the total statewide vote.

This never happened to me before.


The mother just held tightly onto her daughter, saying nothing else.

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Calm your nerves down.


Did you say you had a fight with Ginny?

Overlap can occur.

I've got to go and get her.

Don't expose the tapes to the sun.

He was too young to live alone.


I'd like to get to know Mat better.


The hare hid behind the tree.

Why would this happen?

We need to know more about Myron.

He's depressed.

Do you need a license to use an electric wheelchair?


We're trying to get better.

She enjoyed the movie.

We fed ourselves.

I'd like you to tell me if there are any mistakes in this sentence.

I was really sad.

What the woman wants, God wants!

You've been wonderful.

My wife buys vegetables from a supermarket nearby.

Suppressive cultures are often superstitious.

My father went out just now.

A few were drunk most of the time.

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3 cubed is 27.

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I just wanted it to be done.

I just finished reading Wuthering Heights.

All of them are not poor.


It was a good show.

Tareq and Debi have similar goals.

She suggested that I take him to the zoo.

Rayan looked into the mirror while she was brushing her hair.

You're about to be exonerated.

I must have it shortened.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Single with bath, right?

Is that the remote control?

Once the teacher organized a banquet and invited all the neighbors.

It was raining so hard that we had to put off our departure.


Is there any chance that Devon can win?

Could it have been them?

Please don't get me wrong.

What do you mean by "dead"?

I don't like to make a mistake.


He always talks as though he knows how to handle himself but you never know how he'll act when the chips are down.

I still can't help wondering what happened to Mott.

I had my driving licence renewed last month.

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I've learned nothing from the teacher.

Sekar wrote that song three years ago.

He arrived there after dark.

We don't make mistakes.

My jeans won't fit.

You owe me a kiss.

Naoki was poor and lived in a small cabin.

Jared doesn't know what he's saying.

His grades took a big jump.

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We aren't alone.


I live in Tashkent.

I think I'd rather not eat that.

One more drink, please.


You must accept the king of Spain as your leader.

All humans buy food at the mart.

I made friends with a student from abroad.


I have written to him once a month for almost twenty years.

Guido seemed to be used to these kinds of problems.

Do you know the name of the boy who's playing the guitar?


We depended on the newspapers for information about it.

Old is doing his best to comfort Stu.

You have to wait on a long line to get into the Louvre Museum.

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I've lost my crown.

Helge hasn't revised his lessons yet.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

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Let me tell you something else I know.

I lost the watch Father had given me.

You're tired, aren't you? Why don't you get to bed?


I assume after work you're going home right away.


Why is this song so sad?

He mistook me for my mother.

My father is busy as a bee every day.

I should've known that.

Why are you scared of me?


The minority party made a last-ditch effort to block passage of the bills.

Sometimes I walk to the hardware store down the road and buy bagels and coffee and cigarettes.

We're doing everything we can, OK?

The region boasts the most beautiful women in the country.

Seymour told Manavendra that is wasn't a good idea to have money just sitting in the bank.

Ralf was kidnapped.

There's no music without rhythm.

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Clean your teeth!

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

I must speak with him.

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How long do you think it'll take you to finish your homework?

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.

Skip screamed something in French.

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Ramsey recognized the sound.

Norm was unimpressed.

First Asem, then Saule started to cry.

Vickie didn't even know I was here.

Who else knows about it?

That's not a job.

It is said that Caligula made love to his own sister.

I can't move this bookcase without your help.

Where did you plug them?

He is a rich but dull man.

The storm blew down a tree.

Fritz felt that he deserved an explanation.

What a beautiful sunrise it is!

If it were not for examinations, how happy our school life would be!

I often go for a swim in the river.

She went to the store.

This sort of thing happens.

The magician had the children's attention.

She pooh-poohed the idea with a disdainful wave of her hand.


That's all I was thinking.

I shut the window to keep the mosquitoes out.

His new movie earned him an Academy Award.

Cristopher bats 4th in our team.

Hold him for me.


Courtney won.


The high salary disposed him to accept the position.

Tim is a lesbian.

I introduced Knudsen to my parents.

I believe in Christianity.

You go and get Jarmo and then come back here.

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Del taught me how to play the blues on the piano.


Did everyone agree?

We removed the old furniture.

Patrick said he didn't need any more time.

You have to come back.

The debate over which consultant to use went on for hours.


The accident happened near his home.